Bradenton Website Design

Website Estimate Quote Form

Item Price  Quantity  Cost 
Home Page, Nav, CSS ($300-$400)
Secondary Pages ($100-$300 each)
Blog that you can update ($300)
Custom Banner (and Logo) ($100-200)
Custom Images that we design ($25-$50)
Set up & link Business Facebook ($150)
Embed live Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Feed ($75)  
Set up an Etsy Shopping Cart ($150)
Slide show or Transition ($100)
Add Site Search Feature ($25)
Responsive Web Design (mobile) ($0)
1 hour Face-to-Face Consultation* ($100)
30-40 minute Phone Consultation ($0)
Organic Search Engine Optimization ($0)
Set up Security Certificate (https) ($150)
Total estimated cost for a basic site
* Applied to total if you hire Bradenton Website Design to build site
   Site built with most current standards. Guaranteed to meet deadlines!