DOCTYPE, Meta tags, and favicons

Create a simple practice Web page with the following features:

01 Properly start two new pages with all the appropriate tags: <html> <head> <title> <body>
02 Set one of the new pages with a Strict DOCTYPE See:
03 Set the other page with a Transitional DOCTYPE See:
04 Set the character set for both pages to UTF-8
05 Add a meta name="author" for both pages
06 Add a meta name="description" for both pages
07 Add meta name="keywords" content for both pages
08 If you do not have a paint program that creates icons, do a Web search for an free icon editor or icon maker.
09 Create a 32 x 32 pixel icon that displays your initials in attractive contrasting colors.
10 Save your icon as favicon.ico, place it in your images folder, and link it to your Web page


Validation checks the syntax of your file, looking for both errors and possible issues when viewing your page in a browser. Some of the problems reported are missing end tags, missing characters, invalid attributes, incorrect nesting of elements...
 your file, see:

Save your file as Meta-YourLastName.htm and preview it in your browser.