Notepad Icon: links to a somewhat true Notepad parody spoof siteThese fifteen online tutorials are an excellent introduction to HTMLHTML

HyperText Markup Language is the language used by web browsers to display text and images on web pages. It uses Tags (basically commands) such as <head>, <title>, <body>, and <table>. It also uses Styles which are used to format the appearance of text, images and page layout.
. They are designed to give new Webweavers a solid foundation before they start using web development software packages like Adobe DreamweaverDREAMWEAVER

Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, (academic price $195) is the industry-leading web design software program, an outstanding visual HTML editor and a superb code editor, with excellent autocompletion and validation features. Dreamweaver is part of the Adobe CS5 suite.
or the older but still powerful Microsoft Expression WebEXPRESSION WEB

Expression Web (free to students with a .edu email address) is Microsoft Windows' HTML editor and web design software product; it allows you to create standards-based Web sites faster and easier. It uses "IntelliSense" to autocomplete code. It is part of the Expression Studio suite.
. These intentionally brief lessons get straight to the point and can be completed during a short class session. They are far easier to work with than some of the more involved HTML sites which can overwhelm a beginning student. Terms and tags are defined, actual samples are provided, and results are displayed on the screen. The sample code is designed to be copied directly from the screen and pasted into a practice page to try, modify, and experiment with.

At the bottom of each of these tutorials is a Review Assignment Learning Project link to 10 Practice Review Steps. These steps can be used as an assignment or an in-class practice project.

* Videos are shorter versions of the pure text instructions provided above them in the individual tutorials.

Notepad® is a very simple and free text editor. It comes with Microsoft Windows. Unlike a word processor, Notepad does not allow you to set colors, or use multiple fonts in a document, or insert graphics into text files. Notepad files are very small. Because all Windows computers have Notepad and because it loads almost instantly, both professionals and newbees use Notepad for quick edits and short Web pages.

Most Web masters use programs such as Dreamweaver or Expression Web. These web design software packages are indispensible when working with advanced or tedious aspects of Web development. However, most Web masters spend a good deal of their time with Dreamweaver or Expression Web in code view, a view which looks much like Notepad. So it is important to master the basic HTML tags and concepts presented in these online tutorials.

To start Notepad in Windows: Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad.

If you have an Apple Mac, you may use TextEdit® instead. Choose "Make Plain Text" from the Format menu before you save the file. Then, choose File > Save As, type ".html" as the filename extension, and uncheck the box that reads "If no extension is provided, use .txt" and/or click the button that reads [Use .html] if TextEdit asks if you want to use the .txt extension.
See: Screen Shots of Mac TextEdit

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