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So, I started my Blog and within a few weeks I received a lot of very positive comments. Too positive. And too many. Was this real or what? Well it turns out there is a big market to send spam comments to blogs.

Why would someone bother to Spam a Blog?

The answer is simple: the spammer leaves behind his or her website address and if someone clicks on these links, that gives them more clicks allowing promoters and marketers to increase the search engine presence of their website, and hopefully make more money. In other words, they post flattering comments, in the hope that you will approve them so that search engines, like Google, will find their links. And when there are more high-quality links to a website Google will give a higher ranking to that website.

How do you deal with Blog Spam?

  • You can choose to manually wade through the blog and approve or trash each comment one at a time. In my case there were hundreds of spam comments. It was very hard to weed out the good from the spam.
  • As a small business owner you can install an Anti-Spam program like, AKISMET ( But if your website offers a service, there is a fee, starting at $5 per month. But some spam may still get through.
  • Or you can choose to not allow comments. In my case, that was my decision, perhaps because I am cheap, but mainly because I hate using my credit card online.

So, if you want to make a comment on one of my blogs, click on my Contact page and send me a message. I’ll be happy to hear from you.


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