Should You Blog?

Why you might want a Blog Post:

A good blog (short for web-log) can bring readers to your site and increase the awareness of your company or organization and the goods and services that it provides. In short, a blog can drive traffic to your business.

Use your blog posts to discuss current industry topics, humanize your company or organization, and show how your products and services can help people.

A blog should include helpful, industry-specific content that may:

  1. Give readers useful information, directions or updates
  2. Offer solutions to common problems related to your field
  3. Share informative or interesting experiences
  4. Promote innovative ideas or unique opinions, and
  5. Show readers you are an expert in your discipline.

You may even make money with your blog by:

  1. Promoting related eBooks, photos, premium content, or other digital services and related opportunities
  2. Being an affiliate marketer, where you promote another company’s product or service to your readers, and you earn a fee or commission when someone clicks on your unique affiliate link to that company
  3. Advertising, which may be annoying to readers, and is not as profitable as one might think.

Content Management System (CMS) platforms, like this WordPress site, can make blogging relatively easy. For a small fee, I would be happy to help set up a WordPress Blog for you, and then offer you training and support for how to use it on your own. And this can all be done online while we speak over the phone.


Certified Webmaster and Computer Science Professor

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