Windows Shortcuts and Hot Keys

Below are helpful Shortcut and Hotkey keystrokes that work with Microsoft Windows. Some work with the [Ctrl] key. Some use the [Alt] key. And some work with the Windows key, which is positioned between the [Ctrl] and the [Alt] key.

The Windows key is located between the [Ctrl] key and the [Alt] key
[Windows] + D Quickly show Desktop (toggles on and off)
[Windows] + E Quickly open the Windows Explorer
[Windows] + F Quickly Find a file
[Windows] + H Allow Human Voice input through Microphone
[Windows] + L Quickly Log Off Windows without having to completely shutdown 
[Windows] + M Quickly Minimize all open Windows to show the Desktop
[Windows] + R Open the Run Dialog (i.e. command line)
[Windows] + [Tab] Bring up Flip 3D in Windows
[Windows] → Place active window perfectly on right side of screen
[Windows] + ← Place the active window perfectly on left side of screen
[Windows] + ↑ Maximize the active window
[Windows] + ↓ Restore the active window size
[Windows] + [Home] Minimize all windows but active Window
[Windows] + [Spacebar] Makes all Windows transparent, as long as Windows key is pressed
[Windows] + [P] Can be used to show both screen and to Projector
[Windows] + [+] Magnify active window
[Windows] + [-] will restore the size
[Windows] + [.] Add Emojis from keyboard to Word, Notepad, email…
[Alt] + [Print Screen] Capture screen shot of Active window to clipboard
[Alt] + [Tab] Switch between open Windows
[Alt] + [F4] Close the Active Application.
[Ctrl] + Link Open hyperlink in new browser window
[Ctrl] + Magnify active Browser window text
[Ctrl] – Reduce the active Browser window magnification
[Ctrl] 0 Return to normal magnification or normal zoom
[Ctrl] W Close Browser Window or Explorer Window
[Ctrl] [Tab] Switches between open tabs in a browser
[Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] Menu for Task Manager: Log off, Change password or Switch user
[Ctrl] [Shift] [Esc] Launch Windows Task Manager
To view status of apps and end hung-up tasks
[F1] Help
[F5] Update or refresh the Browser screen to display most recent version
[F11] Show a full screen, without menus, in most browsers


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