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HTML5 Websites

Thank you for visiting Bradenton Website Design and Development. I can build you a WordPress website, similar to this one, or I can build you a traditional fully customized and device responsive HTML5 website like
https://SmallSailboats.Net/ shown above. (HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which is the traditional code used to create web pages.)

WordPress websites, like this one, can often be created quicker, and without code, and if you desire, upon completion you may even choose to make changes and updates on your own (with a little training). However, WordPress sites have template limitations that make it difficult to customize the site exactly the way you may want.

Customized HTML/CSS websites typically take more time to create, but they allow the webmaster to build the site exactly the way you want. Because of the skills required, in most cases, all updates are done by the webmaster. See Notepad HTML Tutorials.

You can see examples of these custom HTML/CSS features and the more classical look for this site looks by clicking on the [See HTML Design] button below or on the header above.

A Personalized Website

Custom Website Design and Development, so you can:

  • Advertise a small business on the Internet with your own website
  • Demonstrate your favorite hobby through webpage videos or an online slideshow
  • Show off your children or your pets through pictures or videos on your own website
  • Use your website to tell the world what you really think in a blog
  • Post your resume or the resume of your out-of-work brother-in-law on the Web

During the past decade I have professionally worked on over a hundred websites for clients in Bradenton, Sarasota, and surrounding areas in southwest Florida. I prefer to design and develop clean and uncluttered web pages. But I can create and design almost any style of website that you desire.

What You Get

  • A Home Page: Your main page is typically 400 to 500 words, 4 to 5 images, similar to this web page
  • A Domain Name: The registration of your .com, .org, .net, .info, or .biz website name, such as or
  • A Hosting company: Places your site on a Web server so it is available 24/7, worldwide. An example is
  • A Navigation Bar: A Vertical menu on the side or a Horizontal menu on the top
  • A Cascading Style Sheet (CSS): Controls the colors, fonts, and layout for an entire website and efficiently keeps each web page in the same style
  • Validated and Optimized: Web pages written with current HTML5 and CSS3 standards and load quickly
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Create a site that search engines, such as Google, will easily find
  • Social Media Integration: Integrate Facebook, YouTube, Twitter... into your site
  • Note 1: $300 to $1000 down payment before I can start building your web site
  • Note 2: I provide written completion dates up front and I guarantee my deadlines!