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HotKeys and Shortcuts for Microsoft Windows

Below are keystrokes that work with the Windows Key (it is between the [Ctrl] and the [Alt] key)
Some of these features must be first set up on their initial use in order to work.
(If it does not have a logical letter association, it is not included.)
See 3.5 minutes YouTube Windows Logo Key Shortcuts and Hotkeys (A to Z) video with real screens
See 4.1 minutes Windows Keyboard Shortcuts and Hotkeys, Part II video with real screens
[Windows] A Quickly see almost All settings in Action Center
[Windows] C Open Cortana to answer questions and set reminders
[Windows] D Quickly minimize apps and show Desktop (toggles on/off)
[Windows] E Quickly open the Windows File Explorer
[Windows] F Send Windows Feedback. Was Find a file
[Windows] G Open Windows Game Bar
[Windows] H Allow Human Voice dictation input through Microphone
[Windows] L Quickly go to Lock Screen without having to shutdown 
[Windows] M Quickly Minimize all open Windows and show the Desktop
[Windows] O Lock Device Orientation
[Windows] P Presentation mode to extend to 2nd screen or Projector
[Windows] R Open the Run Dialog to type commands
[Windows] S Search recently used items
[Windows] T Cycle through Taskbar programs
[Windows] V See all Clipboard entries (to paste [Ctrl] + [V] from clipboard)
[Windows] X Open Hidden menu for Device, Task, Disk Management options...
[Windows] [Tab] See all open windows or Bring up Flip 3D in Windows
[Windows] [Home] Minimize all open windows except the active Window
[Windows] [Shift] [S] Quickly do Screen capture Snip of part of your screen
[Windows] [+] Magnify active window | [Windows] + [-] will restore the size
[Windows] → Place the active window perfectly on right side of screen
[Windows] ← Place the active window perfectly on left side of screen
[Windows] ↑ Maximize the active window
[Windows] ↓ Restore down or Minimize the active window
[Windows] [.] Add Emojis from your keyboard (to Word, Notepad, email...)
[Windows] 2 Open 2nd app on Taskbar (or 3rd, 4th...)
[Alt] [Print Screen] Capture screen shot of Active window to clipboard
[Alt] [Tab] Switch between open Windows
[Alt] [F4] Close the Active Application.
[Ctrl] + Mouse Scroll Resize icons on desktop
[Ctrl] + Link Open hyperlink in new browser window
[Ctrl] + Magnify active Browser window | [Ctrl] + [-] will reduce the size
[Ctrl] 0 Return to normal magnification or normal zoom
[Ctrl] H Open Browser History
[Ctrl] W Close Browser Window or Explorer Window
[Ctrl] [Shift] T Restore a browser tab you didn't mean to close
[Ctrl] [Tab] Switches between open tabs in a browser
[Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] Menu for Task Manager, to Log off, Change password or Switch user
[Ctrl] [Shift] [Esc] Launch Windows Task Manager (can shut down hung apps)
[F1] Help
[F5] Update or Refresh the Browser screen to display the most recent page
[Ctrl] + [F5] Force Hard Reload to display the most recent images, styles and scripts
[F11] Show a full screen, without menus, Tabs and Taskbar
Many of the Microsoft Office shortcuts below also work in Windows. Such as:
[Ctrl] A, [Ctrl] C, [Ctrl] F, [Ctrl] V, [Ctrl] X, [Ctrl] Z, and [F1]

Shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2013, 2016, 365

[Ctrl] 1 Single Space
[Ctrl] 2 Double Space
[Ctrl] 5 1.5 Space
[Ctrl] A  * Select All (to copy, or delete or…)
[Ctrl] B Bold or click Bold icon
[Ctrl] C  * Copy highlighted text to Clipboard
[Ctrl] F  * Find
[Ctrl] I Italic or click Italic icon
[Ctrl] J Full Justify or click Justify icon
[Ctrl] L Left Justify or Align Text Left icon
[Ctrl] R Right Justify or click Right Justify icon
[Ctrl] N * Start a New document
[Ctrl] O * Open an existing document
[Ctrl] P * Print or Print icon
[Ctrl] S * Save or Save icon
[Ctrl] T Hanging Indent (Indented Tab)(Shift [Ctrl] T to undo)
[Ctrl] U Underline             three
[Ctrl] V  * Paste, Ex: one two V two four
[Ctrl] [Alt] V  * Paste Special (choose with or without formatting)
[Ctrl] X * Cut highlighted text to Clipboard
[Ctrl] Y  * Redo Last
[Ctrl] Z  * Undo Last
[End] Go to End of current Line
[Home] Go to beginning of current Line
[Ctrl] [Home] * Go to top of document
[Ctrl] [End] * Go to End of document
[Ctrl] [Enter] Page Break
[Shift] [Enter] Line Break (smaller than a paragraph Return [Enter])
[F1] * Help
* These keystrokes work with both Windows and Microsoft Office and usually on a Mac.

Dreamweaver Shortcuts
(Webpage Editor)

[Ctrl] B Bold or Strong
[Ctrl] N Quicker New Page
[Ctrl] 1 <h1> (main Heading)
[Ctrl] 4 <h4>
[Ctrl] [ Select Parent Tag; keep tapping to expand to next parent tags
[Ctrl] - Zoom out
[Ctrl] + Zoom in
[Ctrl] [Space] show code hints
[Ctrl] [Shift] [Space] &nbsp; (non-breaking space: HTML ignores multiple spaces)
[Shift [Return] <br> (Line Break)
[F4] Toggle panels on and off
[F12] Preview the webpage in browser

Expression Web Shortcuts
(Webpage Editor)

[Ctrl] B Bold or Strong
[Ctrl] N Quicker New Page
[Ctrl] [ show CSS Rule
[Ctrl] R Right align
[Ctrl] ; find matching tag – keep tapping
[Ctrl] : select entire tag OR Right-click and choose from menu
[Ctrl] [Shift] [Space] &nbsp;  (non-breaking space: HTML ignores multiple spaces)
[Shift] [Return] <br> (Line Break)
[F12] Preview the webpage in browser