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HotKeys and Shortcuts for Microsoft Windows

Below are keystrokes that work with the Windows Key (it is between the [Ctrl] and the [Alt] key)
Some of these features must be first set up on their initial use in order to work.
     (If it does not have a logical letter association, it is not included.)
[Windows] A Quickly see almost All settings
[Windows] C Open Cortana to answer questions and set reminders
[Windows] D Quickly minimize apps and show Desktop (toggles on/off)
[Windows] E Quickly open the Windows Explorer
[Windows] F Send Windows Feedback. Was Find a file
[Windows] H Allow Human Voice input through Microphone
[Windows] L Quickly go to Lock Screen without having to shutdown 
[Windows] M Quickly Minimize all open Windows and show the Desktop
[Windows] [P] Quickly show 2nd screen or Projector
[Windows] R Open the Run Dialog
[Windows] S Search recently used items
[Windows] T Cycle through Taskbar programs
[Windows] V See all Clipboard entries (to paste [V] from clipboard)
[Windows] X Open Hidden menu for Device, Task, Disk Management options...
[Windows] [Tab] See all open windows or Bring up Flip 3D in Windows
[Windows] → Place the active window perfectly on right side of screen
[Windows] ← Place the active window perfectly on left side of screen
[Windows] ↑ Maximize the active window
[Windows] ↓ Restore the active window size
[Windows] [Home] Minimize all windows but active Window
[Windows] [Spacebar] Makes all Windows transparent, as long as Windows key is pressed
[Windows] [+] Magnify active window | [Windows] + [-] will restore the size
[Windows] [Shift] [S] Quickly do partial Screen capture Snip
[Windows] [.] Add Emojis from your keyboard (to Word, Notepad, email...)
[Windows] 2 Open 2nd app on Taskbar. (or 3rd, 4th...)
[Alt] [Print Screen] Capture screen shot of Active window to clipboard
[Alt] [Tab] Switch between open Windows
[Alt] [F4] Close the Active Application.
[Ctrl] + Link Open hyperlink in new browser window
[Ctrl] + Magnify active Browser window | [Ctrl] + [-] will reduce the size
[Ctrl] 0 Return to normal magnification or normal zoom
[Ctrl] W Close Browser Window or Explorer Window
[Ctrl] [Tab] Switches between open tabs in a browser
[Ctrl] [Alt] [Del] Menu for Task Manager, to Log off, Change password or Switch user
[Ctrl] [Shift] [Esc] Launch Windows Task Manager (can shut down hung apps)
[F1] Help
[F5] Update or refresh the Browser screen to display the most recent version
[F11] Show a full screen, without menus, in most browsers
Many of the Microsoft Office shortcuts below also work in Windows. Such as:
[Ctrl] A, [Ctrl] C, [Ctrl] F, [Ctrl] V, [Ctrl] X, [Ctrl] Z, and [F1]

Shortcuts for Microsoft Word 2003, 2007, 2013, 2016

[Ctrl] 1 Single Space
[Ctrl] 2 Double Space
[Ctrl] 5 1.5 Space
[Ctrl] A  * Select All (to copy, or delete or…)
[Ctrl] B Bold or click Bold icon
[Ctrl] C  * Copy highlighted text to Clipboard
[Ctrl] F  * Find
[Ctrl] I Italic or click Italic icon
[Ctrl] J Full Justify or click Justify icon
[Ctrl] L Left Justify or Align Text Left icon
[Ctrl] R Right Justify or click Right Justify icon
[Ctrl] N * Start a New document
[Ctrl] O * Open an existing document
[Ctrl] P * Print or Print icon
[Ctrl] S * Save or Save icon
[Ctrl] T Hanging Indent (Indented Tab)(Shift [Ctrl] T to undo)
[Ctrl] U Underline             three
[Ctrl] V  * Paste, Ex: one two V two four
[Ctrl] [Alt] V  * Paste Special (choose with or without formatting)
[Ctrl] X * Cut highlighted text to Clipboard
[Ctrl] Y  * Redo Last
[Ctrl] Z  * Undo Last
[End] Go to End of current Line
[Home] Go to beginning of current Line
[Ctrl] [Home] * Go to top of document
[Ctrl] [End] * Go to End of document
[Ctrl] [Enter] Page Break
[Shift] [Enter] Line Break (smaller than a paragraph Return [Enter])
[F1] * Help
* These keystrokes work with both Windows and Microsoft Office and usually on a Mac.

Dreamweaver Shortcuts
(Webpage Editor)

[Ctrl] B Bold or Strong
[Ctrl] N Quicker New Page
[Ctrl] 1 <h1> (main Heading)
[Ctrl] 4 <h4>
[Ctrl] [ Select Parent Tag; keep tapping to expand to next parent tags
[Ctrl] - Zoom out
[Ctrl] + Zoom in
[Ctrl] [Space] show code hints
[Ctrl] [Shift] [Space] &nbsp; (non-breaking space: HTML ignores multiple spaces)
[Shift [Return] <br> (Line Break)
[F4] Toggle panels on and off
[F12] Preview the webpage in browser

Expression Web Shortcuts
(Webpage Editor)

[Ctrl] B Bold or Strong
[Ctrl] N Quicker New Page
[Ctrl] [ show CSS Rule
[Ctrl] R Right align
[Ctrl] ; find matching tag – keep tapping
[Ctrl] : select entire tag OR Right-click and choose from menu
[Ctrl] [Shift] [Space] &nbsp;  (non-breaking space: HTML ignores multiple spaces)
[Shift] [Return] <br> (Line Break)
[F12] Preview the webpage in browser