Bradenton Website Design

Bradenton Website Design
by Professor Floyd Jay Winters

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  • Certified Web Master, Website Design and Development, and Computer Consulting.
  • Over 25 years of consulting experience in Bradenton, Sarasota, and Southwest Florida.
  • Start your website now at a price you can afford. Website quote provided upfront.
  • You can learn and work with me as we create your web site.
  • Guaranteed to meet website completion deadlines and customer satisfaction.

Thank you for visiting Bradenton Website Design and Development. It is a playful site that I use to demonstrate various web page design features to both my students and clients. As you might guess from my home page, I love sailing -- where I must actively think and work, yet where I am at peace and in the now; thankful for what I have, and fully understanding that my destination is where I am.

I also love creating and designing web pages. During the past decade I have professionally worked on over a hundred websites for clients in Bradenton, Sarasota, and surrounding areas in southwest Florida. I prefer clean and uncluttered web pages. But I can create and design almost any style of website that you desire. You can click on my Website Portfolio link to see a few of the websites that I designed or rebuilt from scratch. My affordable web page price structure is very reasonable and is shown below.

Get Your Own Personal and Customized Website on the Internet
Get Your Own Customized Email, such as:

I can build you a Website so you can:

  • Advertise a small business on the Internet with your own website
  • Demonstrate your favorite hobby through webpage videos or an online slideshow
  • Show off your children or your pets through pictures or videos on your own website
  • Use your website to tell the world what you really think in a blog
  • Post your resume or the resume of your out-of-work brother-in-law on the Web

Website Prices and Webpage Rates

For $300 to $400 you get the following website design elements:


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  • A Home Page: Typically 400 to 500 words, 4 to 5 images, similar to this web page
  • A Domain Name: The registration of your .com, .org, .net, .info, or .biz website name
  • A Hosting company: Places your site on a Web server so it is available 24/7, worldwide
  • A Navigation Bar: A Vertical or Horizontal menu, as shown in blue on top and on left
  • A Cascading Style Sheet: This efficiently keeps each web page in the same style
  • Validated and Optimized: Web pages written with current HTML5 and CSS3 standards
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Create a site that search engines will easily find
  • Social Media Integration: Integrate Facebook, YouTube, Twitter... into your site
  • Note 1: $300 to $1000 down payment before I can start building your web site
  • Note 2: I provide written completion dates up front and I guarantee my deadlines!

$100 to $200 for each additional secondary Web page

  • A secondary web page could be largely text, similar to this web page, up to 400 words
  • Or it could be a photos page, with a short intro paragraph and up to 12 photos
  • Note: Shopping carts and other special web pages are more expensive

$250 for a Responsive Web Design (RWD)

  • Over two thirds of Americans have a Smart Phone, and most use those phones to surf the web
  • With RWD, your site is optimized for each device and displays differently on a desktop PC, tablet, and smartphone. Click to see an RWD example.
  • To see an example of one of my RWD sites see and view it on your smartphone, tablet and PC, and then rotate the tablet and phone to view it in both landscape and portrait mode.

$150 for Basic Etsy Shopping Cart setup

  • For example, see SmallSailboat.Net using an Etsy Shopping Cart or PayPal to make purchases.
  • As a professor, I can do this sitting next to you, so that you gain the skills to add items and make changes on your own.

$200 to $300 for your own blog that you can update on your own.

$100 to embed an Instagram or Twitter or Facebook feed onto your page

  • Update your photo content or announcements on your own, whenever you want.

$25 to $50 per photo that Bradenton Website Design must take or obtain.

  • Images and photos are critical to conveying your message and making a web site look attractive. Typically clients supply their own images. Consequently, there will be an extra fee if we must supply the images because it takes a significant amount of time to locate and edit just the right photo. Our graphic artist for logos and banners is

$50 per half hour to modify existing Web pages

  • I am very efficient and often do live web page updating with my clients over the phone.
  • Clients can tap Refresh Web page Refresh Button or Older Internet Explorer webpage Refresh Button or press [F5] and watch the changes as I make them.
Thank you for visting, Floyd Jay Winters